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06 September 2005

Help Is On The Way

This story pretty much says it all. Disgraceful. (Hat tip: Americablog):

A trio of Duke University sophomores say they drove to New Orleans late last week, posed as journalists to slip inside the hurricane-soaked city twice, and evacuated seven people who weren't receiving help from authorities.

The group, led by South Carolina native Sonny Byrd, say they also managed to drive all the way to the New Orleans Convention Center, where they encountered scenes early Saturday evening that they say were disgraceful.

"We found it absolutely incredible that the authorities had no way to get there for four or five days, that they didn't go in and help these people, and we made it in a two-wheel-drive Hyundai," said Hans Buder, who made the trip with his roommate Byrd and another student, David Hankla....

At 2 p.m., the trio decided to head for New Orleans, Buder said. After looking around, they swiped an Associated Press identification and one of the TV station's crew shirts, and found a Kinko's where they could make copies of the ID.

They were stopped again by authorities at the edge of New Orleans, but this time were able to make it through.

"We waved the press pass, and they looked at each other, the two guards, and waved us on in," Buder said....

"Anyone who knows that area, if you had a bus, it would take you no more than 20 minutes to drive in with a bus and get these people out," Buder said. "They sat there for four or five days with no food, no water, babies getting raped in the bathrooms, there were murders, nobody was doing anything for these people. And we just drove right in, really disgraceful. I don't want to get too fired up with the rhetoric, but some blame needs to be placed somewhere."

Comments on "Help Is On The Way"


Blogger jvpastor said ... (9/07/2005 07:00:00 PM) : 

That is a crazy story. Are any news organization picking that one up?

Like I said over at my place, our youth minister and I were able to take water and diapers from oklahoma to south louisiana and got back by thursday night. Pretty sad that we could respond quicker.

The rumor is spreading here that we were supposed to house 3000 refugees at a youth camp here in OK but that our state government shut it down. We are trying to do some further investigation.

If that turns out to be true I will not personally rest until it is made public.


Blogger Wasp Jerky said ... (9/08/2005 08:35:00 AM) : 

I haven't seen that anywhere else, Jason.

Let me know what you find about about the camp.


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