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05 December 2006

Another Dispatch From The War Of Terror

A week ago, a 40-year old man was sentenced to 30 years in prison by a U.S. District Judge. His crime? Attempting to obtain what he thought were the ingredients needed to make Sarin nerve gas and a block of C-4 explosive, and possession of stolen explosives. His plan? To explode a briefcase bomb while Congress was in session. The man, who was convicted in April on a total of five charges, will now instead go to prison.

Of course, you haven't heard about any of this. The "liberal media" didn't report it. Michelle Malkin and Bill O' Reilly didn't go apeshit. The President didn't use the sentencing for a photo op. Hell, it didn't even make the front page of the local paper in the city in which it happened. But I suppose that's what happens when a terrorist is a white man from Tennessee, instead of a Muslim.

(hat tip: Crooks and Liars)

Comments on "Another Dispatch From The War Of Terror"


Anonymous dana said ... (12/05/2006 12:13:00 PM) : 

did you have to sell the car after you found that out???


Blogger jasdye said ... (12/05/2006 05:51:00 PM) : 

they made a movie and a graphic novel about him. only, in the comic and the movie, he had followers.


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