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07 November 2006

Thoughts On Iraq Part 2

I grew up in East Tennessee. East Tennessee is big on many things. One of those things is football.

There's nothing necessarily wrong with that, of course. But if there's one thing you'll notice about sports fans, it's that many of them are experts. The funny thing is that many such experts, at best, only played second string lineman in high school. These particular fans have lots of advice for coaches and players. But that advice isn't exactly backed up by experience. Such avid sports fans are also notorious for throwing around words like "we," as if they are somehow actually on the sports team in question.

Such sports fans remind me of that group of war supporters referred to as the 101st Fighting Keyboarders. Similar to those armchair quarterbacks, the 101st Fighting Keyboarders are a group of people who are very enthusiastic about fighting in Iraq, provided that it's someone else who is fighting in Iraq.

I suppose it's easy to "support the troops" when that means shelling out $5 for a magnetic ribbon. But here's the deal. If you think the U.S. should be in Iraq, and yet you aren't actually in Iraq, you really have two options. Either go fight in Iraq or shut the fuck up.

As Steve Gilliard notes:

We have a volunteer army with fewer and fewer volunteers, and people reenlisting only to save their friends. There is a time limit to their ability to be in combat. They cannot serve forever. They will have to be replaced. And fewer and fewer are willing to replace them,

What I want people to do is be honest.

If you will not serve in Iraq, and no one you know will serve, stop expecting someone else to do what you will not.

Therefore, it is time to stop calling for more troops, or the US to make Iraq safe. We cannot do this and even Americans are refusing to join the fight. It is time to look at your actions and realize, that despite your ideals, you oppose continuing this war. In practical terms, you have decided that this war is not worth your life or anyone you know. And million of Americans have joined you in this decision.

So, with this fact evident, it is time to call for US troops to withdraw from Iraq. Not save it, not add more boots on the ground. You have already voted by your actions. It is time that you match it with your words.
It couldn't be more simple.

(h/t: On The Homefront)

Comments on "Thoughts On Iraq Part 2"


Blogger Marcguyver said ... (11/20/2006 04:45:00 AM) : 

I think those of you who oppose the war in Iraq should take Wasp's advice and, "Shut the F**k up!".

Afterall, you aren't actually in Iraq (and you'll never serve in the Military or any Military Conflict) so you have no right to tell others to stop supporting the war!

Oh, and those of you who have served in other conflicts (i.e. WWII, Nam, Somalia, the first Gulf War, etc.) your service doesn't actually count. Only this war, at this time, counts for actuall service and gives you the right to speak!

Your logic is laughable!


Blogger Wasp Jerky said ... (11/20/2006 08:13:00 AM) : 

Beneath that larger perspective is a guy supporting a war with his words, not with his actions.


Blogger jasdye said ... (11/20/2006 06:32:00 PM) : 

War Bonds! Get yer War Bonds here! Help Uncle Sam support our troops! Get yer Bonds here!


Blogger Robert said ... (12/17/2006 11:33:00 PM) : 

the faulty part of your logic wasp, as i se it, is some of us who agree with the reasons behind the war in Iraq 9which is now occupation) is that we CANNOT go and serve. i could not even if iwas of age because i have flat feet. I do not want our people dying just as you, however we cant always take action as we would like.


Blogger Wasp Jerky said ... (12/18/2006 08:33:00 AM) : 


I hear you. However, not everyone has to be on the front lines, or even on the battlefield at all. The armed forces need people behind the scenes to do all sorts of things, things that civilians do in their jobs here at home anyway. Or, alternatively, if you still can't go, send a soldier body armor. Or support his or her family financially or in some other way. It's not like the people who sent them to Iraq are going to.

That said, if we're looking at things honestly, you and I both know that the vast majority of people who still support the war who aren't in Iraq could go if they really wanted to. They may have a good excuse. But the bottom line is they want someone else to sacrifice their life so that they don't have to.


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