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08 November 2006

Christmas In November

It feels a little like Christmas today. I’m not a Democrat by any means. But I am a GeorgeBushAndWhatPassesForTheRepublicanPartyTheseDaysNeeds
UncheckedPowerLikeBritneySpearsNeedsAnotherHusbandocrat. For the past five years these men have done whatever the hell they wanted, Constitution be damned, under the guise of fighting a silly War on Terror™.

Not anymore. Democrats have the House by a big margin, almost certainly the Senate, and a tremendous number of governorships and other state offices. So much for that mandate George Bush claimed to have. And so much for Democrats being out of touch with mainstream America. As Kos put it, when you can’t get an abortion ban passed in South Dakota, or a gay marriage ban passed in Arizona, the last thing that the U.S. is is conservative.

Hopefully all this will mean my country will be injected with some semblance of what passes for sanity now. But, if nothing else, the next couple of years will certainly be entertaining.

A few scattered thoughts:

1) In the past couple of days gas prices in my area have gone up 15-20 cents per gallon. I’d like to believe that’s just a coincidence.

2) The Virginia Senate seat will more than likely belong to the Democrats. While it certainly isn’t over until Karl Rove sings, Allen is down 7,000 votes. He’s not going to make that up in a recount. Democrats are also going to control the machinery of a recount, which means Republicans are only delaying the inevitable. Beyond that, a recount would also give ample time for an investigation into Virginia vote suppression. That may happen anyway, given that the FBI is already looking into the matter. But I’m betting Republicans don’t want to call any more attention to their attempts at cheating than they have to.

3) The mainstream media shows once again that it is completely incompetent. Electronic voting glitches in multiple states? People showing up to polls and mysteriously not being registered to vote? Real reporters might actually investigate things like that.

4) I went to sleep in the United States. I must have awakened in Europe. There are now more women in Congress. There’s also now a female Speaker of the House, a Muslim Representative, the second black governor ever and a Socialist Senator. Good times.

5) Kung Fu Monkey still misses real Republicans

6) I’m curious about what all this means for Christians. There’s the potential for a Republican split here, between old school, fiscal conservatives and Christians who have hooked up with the Republican Party in the belief that it will eventually do something about abortion and homosexuals (keep holding your breath). People also seem to be realizing that not all people who call themselves Christians are conservatives or Republicans. It’s about time.

7) Bush twin porn. Will it happen? I don’t know.

Comments on "Christmas In November"


Blogger shelly said ... (11/08/2006 09:33:00 PM) : 

Well, I voted Independent and Democrat this time around.

I also read that 1/3 of evangelicals voted Democrat this year, mostly due to the Iraq war and all those Repub scandals. So yeah, there's a big tip that the Repubs don't speak for all Christians.

Meanwhile, I already know of a way to solve this electronic voting mess. BAN IT! Make people vote the old-fashioned way, via pencil and paper. ;)


Blogger jonathan even-zohar said ... (11/09/2006 05:27:00 AM) : 

Welcome to Europe then. :-)


Blogger ding said ... (11/09/2006 11:52:00 AM) : 

bush twin porn?
i must admit i would have thought they'd be in the Presidential edition of Girls Gone Wild by now.

maybe in 2008.


Blogger Marty said ... (11/09/2006 02:25:00 PM) : 

I sooooo like Bernie Sanders. I supported his campaign even though I'm in Texas. He is my hero! I hope he runs for President some day.

You can hear him on the Thom Hartmann Radio Program every Friday..."Brunch with Bernie"...


Blogger Dan Trabue said ... (11/10/2006 09:58:00 AM) : 

Christmas in November, indeed. Why, I even felt something Wednesday that I thought I'd never be: I was thankful to Bush for getting rid of Rummy!

Of course, it could be that it was Rummy's decision to go - hoping that he's less prosecutable if he leaves of his own accord...


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