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04 October 2006

Moral Relavitism

Streak quotes the always on point Tony Campolo:

For years [the Religious Right] have argued against situational ethics. They have stood for absolutes and contended that those absolutes should never be compromised. With conviction they have declared, loud and clear, that the end never justifies the means. Now, with the war on terrorism on our hands, they support torture when interrogating suspects.

A prominent scholar recently polled a dozen top leaders of America’s Religious Right, who were unanimously in favor of using torture “given the situation at hand." When it suits them, it turns out, the end does indeed justify the means.

If they have changed their minds and are ready to refute the golden rule, then it is time for them to say plainly, “For the most part we agree with Jesus, but there are special circumstances when we must ignore His teachings.”

Of course, these leaders ought to recognize the implications of their decision to support what they might call “necessary evils” in special circumstances. For instance, can they still tell a teenage girl who is pregnant by rape or incest that abortion is always wrong?

I’m not ready to answer such questions, except to say that the Religious Right can’t have it both ways. They can’t say that righteousness must never be compromised, and then add “except in certain situations—like torturing our enemies in times of war.

Comments on "Moral Relavitism"


Blogger timmer k. said ... (10/05/2006 08:36:00 AM) : 

I've gone from being angry about this issue to being flat out heart-broken. How is it that so many who claim the name Jesus can so quickly deny the obvious aspects of his mission?

It just kills me.

If you haven't read the book "Colossians Remixed," now is an excellent time to do so. It gives (IMO) a very enlightening view of the ways in which the paradigm of 'empire' is still just as relevant to the church today as it was for the Colossians in the first century. How have so many confused their allegiance to Christ with allegiance to a political system? Score another point for Caeser on the torture issue.


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