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13 August 2005

Cowards In Crawford

My day started way too early today. After 3 hours of sleep, I was being shaken awake by someone at 6:30am telling me that the Today Show wanted me to be on their show. I had come into town to sleep in a trailer because my tent had been infested with fire ants. I turned the today show down for 7:15am, so we did it at 9:00am.

We had a very interesting day. We had Bush drive by really, really fast twice. I caught a glimpse of Laura. I was hoping after she saw me that she would come down to Camp Casey with some brownies and lemonade. I waited for her, but she never came.

The Bush's were going to a bar-be-que/fundraiser down the road from us. I was very surprised that they let us stay so close to Bush. The families of the fallen loved ones held their son's cross from Arlington West while Bush drove by. I bet it didn't even give him indigestion to see so many people protesting his murderous policies.

I am a continued thorn in the side to the right-wing bloggers and right wing-nut "journalists." One man, Phil Hendry called me an "ignorant cow." But you know what, the people who have come out from all over the country to give me a hug and take a picture with me and to support the cause of peace, overwhelms me so much, I don't have time to worry about the negativity and the hatred. The people who are slamming me have no idea about what it feels like to unjustly have a child killed in an insane war. Plus, they have no truth to fight truth with, so they fight truth with more lies and hate.

Three active duty soldiers from Ft. Hood came to visit me and tell me that they really appreciated what I was doing and that if they were killed in the war, their moms would be doing the same thing. That made me feel so good after all of the negativity I had been hearing from the righties. I also got to hold a couple of toddlers on my lap while their mom or dad took pictures of us. I am honored that people have resonated with the action that I took to make our mission of ending the war a reality.

We are here at the Crawford Peace House now and there are dozens and dozens of people here. We are giving each other hugs and kisses and we are all feeling great, full of energy and so filled with hope that this is something that is really going to change the world. I came here so angry and I have been so encouraged and overwhelmed by the support from all over. I was thinking that there is no reason for us progressive liberals to be angry anymore. We have the power. One mom has shown that we can be the change in our government. We deserve to hold George Bush accountable, no one else does. We have to make sure he answers to us. If he doesn't have to answer to Congress, or the media, we will FORCE him to answer to us.

Those words are from Cindy Sheehan, who as you probably know has been camping outside the President's ranch in Crawford, Texas, for the past week. Many on the Right have been raking Sheehan over the coals for having the gaul to stand up to the President, for having the gaul to insist that he meet with her to discuss this. It's all very strange. And it gives me hope.

I'm excited to see Sheehan doing this. She's exposing Bush for who he is, a coward who can't be bothered to speak with a grieving mother. A man who claims to be a Christian, yet who has the compassion of a sociopath. A bully who does what he wants, no matter who gets hurt. We have a 5-year old for a President. And it's so glaringly obvious. People are watching this. And, except for those who have completely divorced themselves from reality, I can't see how this can do anything but hurt Bush. His approval ratings are already in the toilet and 42 percent of people in this country want to see him impeached. Hopefully this is the beginning of the self-destruction of this administration. Time will tell.

But it's also a bit sad that it took the loss of her son's life to wake Sheehan up to what's going on. Thousands of Iraqis and U.S. soldiers are dead for lies. Iran may be next. And we sit complacent, glad to know that our lives are still pretty much the same. History will not be kind to us for sitting by and watching this happen. We have the power to stop this. And we aren't. What the fuck is wrong with all of us?

Update: Visit Crawford Peace House to learn more about how to support Sheehan. Or how to stand beside her in protest.

Comments on "Cowards In Crawford"


Anonymous zalm said ... (8/14/2005 03:47:00 AM) : 

You know that I don't care for this man or this administration. And yet I've always had this secret hope that they are somehow not as bad as it seems when I'm really angry.

But something like this happens, and I just don't know what to think.

I'm astonished that they've let her sit out there as long as they have.

A good politician would have spoken to her and turned this into a non-story as quickly as possible.

A good leader would have taken this opportunity to speak to the growing portion of the country that has turned against this war, perhaps even (gasp!) admitting mistakes, but asking for our support and sacrifice so that we can bring the rest of those sons and daughters back as soon as possible.

A good father and, well, human being, would have reached out to her in empathy and shown how much each death in this war genuinely weighs on his heart and his soul.

I try so hard to refrain from judging someone so deeply when I don't know them. But in a situation like this, where the right move is so bloody obvious, and when it would cost Bush so little, he hasn't chosen to do that which a good politician, a good leader, a good father, or a good human being would do.

And that's pretty damning.


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