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13 July 2005

The Playbook

Via Washington Rox I learned that Raw Story has obtained a copy of the Republican Party's talking points on the Karl Rove issue. If you don't know what I'm talking about, see here. Short version: Karl Rove quite possibly outed an undercover CIA agent as political payback for the exposure of the Bush White House's lies about Iraq. This isn't even close to the biggest scandal cooking in the Bush White House. But I'll take it.

Oh, and those talking points? You're looking at 'em:

Comments on "The Playbook"


Anonymous zalm said ... (7/14/2005 02:02:00 AM) : 

Maybe this is typographically elitist of me, but I've always loved how RNC talking points Always Capitalize Every Word, Regardless Of How Important It Is. And Then Bold Them. And Then, For Emphasis, Underline Them.

I guess they think it makes everything they write Seem More Important. I just think it looks Unprofessional And Hard To Read.


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