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05 March 2005

Get Your David Rees On

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There’s a nice interview with David Rees up at Campus Progress. For those not in the know, Rees is the author of four comic strips, most notably the angry, Bush-slamming, profanity-laced, sarcasm-heavy Get Your War On. In the interview, Rees touches on the origin of his strip, his clip art denizens' penchants for swearing, Jesus, the media, and even namedrops Jim Wallis.

Interview soundbite:

(T)he thing that I’m interested in now, even though I haven’t done many strips on it, is values and religion and their role in society and politics. I grew up in a really religious household and I used to be really religious. So, I get really offended when Bush uses all of that rhetoric and language, but I feel like Bush’s policies don’t reflect my understanding of Christ. And that’s something that really offends to me in a sort of personal way.

While you're at it, access archives of Rees' stuff here.

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