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01 February 2005

Things That Annoyed Me Today

1) I lost a glove. How annoying is that? I got a new pair of gloves for Christmas and took them back for a refund, partially because they were too big, and partially because they were from Wal-Mart (I haven't purchased anything from Wal-Mart in more than a year). So then the wife got me a new pair. So then I lost half the set.

It's funny. Down South you always see shoes on the side of the road. I'm not sure how people in Tennessee keep losing their shoes. Up North, people lose gloves. I know, I know. It's because they fall out of pockets. But why did it have to be me? I'm so ashamed.

2) The IRS is going to kick some ass at our place this year. The wife worked for most of the year for a dentist in Glen Ellyn. That's a suburb of Chicago. I worked there for a little while over the summer, part time. Easy gig. Free hot chocolate. Lots of tedious paperwork.

Anyways, somehow neither of us noticed that this family-owned business didn't bother to withdraw any federal income tax from our pay before giving it to us. Um, yeah. Not one damn dime. WTF!? How incompetant can you possibly be? Why would we want to pay all these taxes in one lump sum at the end of the year?

Now, obviously this is partially our fault for not paying attention. But the wife worked at this establishment in 2003 and in 2003 she had federal income tax deducted.

So, yeah, I'm annoyed.

Oh, and it would be really mean (and probably illegal) of me to name names. But I will say that if you're reading this and your dentist is a Christian of Indian decent who works in Glen Ellyn, you should really think about switching oral health care providers. If I can't trust the guy to pay us correctly, you probably don't want him in your mouth with a drill. You've been warned.

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Anonymous Anonymous said ... (2/09/2005 12:36:00 AM) : 

Honey, you can wear my gloves. :) Oh, and don't forget to put away the dishes.


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