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17 January 2005

Enter the Dragon

So it's finally happened. I've joined the self-indulgent cracker-ass cult* of blogging. Maybe this is the start of a narcissistic triad-life crisis. Maybe this is my vain, introverted attempt at connecting with humanity on some deeper level. Or maybe it's my desperate crawl towards American quasi-celebritism. Perhaps it's a delusional tug at the skin scraping chains of this corporate-owned bullshit media reality, in which we've always been at war with Eurasia. Until tomorrow. Maybe it's this culture of boredom, in which I'm constantly in need of a fix from my idiot box pusher and a guzzle from the teat of crackwhore consumerism. Or maybe it's just that all the other kids' moms let them do it.

*I stole this term from Greg, who uses it mostly to describe American Christianity's white suburban face.

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