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20 September 2007

This Is The Way The World Ends

These are the sordid tales of how it all came crashing down.

06 September 2007

Harmless Sparks

Yah!!! David Bazan aka Pedro the Lion aka Headphones aka Paperback aka David Bazan's Black Cloud is in town tomorrow night. The Internets are atwitter that he's been playing several new songs at live shows lately, including the not quite finished piece below. Good stuff.

they might have burned
but the priests were all taking turns
showing nuns what they had discerned
about their bodies in the dark
they carried on
from the evening until the dawn
like they should've been all along
making harmless sparks
instead of breaking little boys' hearts

God knows
if you notice the millions of small holes
and ponder the weight of an apple
compared to the trouble we're in
then some grown men might
be tempted to question their birthright
in front of their kids and devout wives
causing the doubt to begin
to spread like original sin