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29 May 2006


Back from Hungary. Hungry. Jet lagged. Sleepy. More later.

17 May 2006

Out Like A Fat Kid In Dodgeball Redux

Off to Europe for a couple of weeks. I leave you with the twin powers of Tom Tomorrow and David Rees.

15 May 2006


Trailers are up for director Davis Guggenheim and former Vice President Al Gore's documentary about global warming, An Inconvenient Truth. Evidently the film received three standing ovations at Sundance. It looks quite good, in an Oh-fuck-it's-the-end-of-the-world sort of way. Good thing the President doesn't believe global warming exists, eh?

Watch the trailer here.

Also check out Gore's appearance on Saturday Night Live from the other night.

07 May 2006

New David Bazan Album

It's going to be a great summer for music. Besides the release of an album of B-sides from Sufjan Stevens' Illinois, David Bazan (Pedro the Lion, Headphones) has a new EP coming out:

David Bazan's debut solo release "FEWER MOVING PARTS" will be released June 13, 2006. Jade Tree will release the EP via iTunes later in June.

"FEWER MOVING PARTS" finds Bazan going back to his musical roots. Performing and recording all the music by himself in his home studio. The EP will have two different versions of five new Bazan songs. One version will be stripped down acoustic and another version will have full-instrumentation. Acclaimed graphic novel artist Zak Sally is creating the artwork for the EP.

The track listing is as follow:
Holy War (Making It, Faking It, Breaking It)
How I Remember (Don't Cry, I'm Not Gonna Hurt You)
Backwoods Nation (Here We Go Again)
Fewer Broken Pieces (Precious, Please Make Up Your Mind)
Cold Beer and Cigarettes (The Devil Is Beating His Wife)
To tide you over, check out this amusing video at YouTube, in which Bazan describes how to make one of his favourite alcoholic beverages.


You're so creative with your reviews
Of what other people do
How satisfying that must be for you

Am I a Christian?
Are you a Jew?
Did you kill my Lord?
Must I forgive you?

I know it's hard to be original
In fact nothing scares me more
Because Jesus only lets me do
What has been done before

The path of least resistance
The ancient Holy Wars
The same old easy targets
Yeah, we've all been there before

So if it starts to get you down
Just pretend that you don't make your living
Selling advertising
Tracking trends
Corralling demographics
And maximizing traffic

And if you get tired of making taste for free
You can always start a band with me