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03 June 2005


So if you're not doing anything tomorrow night, be sure to tune in to Hottfest for some kick ass live music. Hottfest is a three day music showcase that's taking place in Knoxville, Tennessee. You've already missed the likes of Tim Lee, Mic Harrison (The V-Roys, Superdrag), Plan A, and The Rockwells. But tomorrow night you can stream five hours of great music. The fun begins at 20:00 Eastern Standard time and runs thru 1:00 the next morning. If nothing else, be sure to catch Senryu, The Westside Daredevils, and The High Score. Visit the site and click on Hottfest Radio to tune in.

And if you live in Knoxville, head to Corner Lounge for $5 of the best music you'll ever hear under one roof.

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