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26 March 2005

Saturday Comics Blogging

It's grown customary in the blogosphere to have a traditional Friday post of some sort. Zalm over at From the Salmon does a Friday Random 10, with iPod songs he's listened to that week. South Knox Bubba does Friday bird blogging. Me? I'm doing comics. But I'm picking Saturdays because I'm obstinate that way.

This week's is from The Parking Lot is Full, which is similar to Gary Larson's The Far Side, only far more cynical and apparently on some form of hard drugs. I'll keep at this until I start getting cease and desist letters from lawyers. Then I'll try something else.
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Comments on "Saturday Comics Blogging"


Anonymous zalm said ... (3/26/2005 07:44:00 PM) : 

i can hardly claim credit for the "friday random 10" phenomenon. i was quite honesly really, really late to the game on that (plus, i've only done it like twice). but it's still easy content to post when i'm tired at the end of the week. and it's more convenient than friday cat blogging, since our digital camera is busted.

perhaps once you're forced out of saturday comics blogging, you'll have a natural transition to "saturday cease-and-desist letter blogging." it's not as catchy, but nobody else is doing it...


Blogger Wasp Jerky said ... (3/29/2005 08:09:00 AM) : 

Yeah, I've seen it in different forms. A message board I used to frequent did a Tuesday 5 albums picks. I like songs better.


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