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22 March 2005


There's a nice interview over at Bandoppler Magazine with Craig Thompson. Thompson is responsible for Blankets, a 600-page graphic novel about love, family, enlightenment and growing up in a fundamentalist Christian household. I haven't read Blankets yet, but I have a feeling I will soon.

Here's a quote from the interview:
One of the reactions of my parents to Blankets was that they actually said, 'Why have you chosen to do this with your life instead of “Veggie Tales?”’ That’s an actual quote! Yeah, I easily could have gone down that route, and it would have been awful, because ultimately it’s just propaganda. Like, you have to purport a specific message.
(Thanks to Christian Retail for the link).

There's also an insightful interview with director Danny Boyle (28 Days Later, Trainspotting) up at The Onion. Boyle discusses his latest film, Millions, which looks absolutely wonderful.

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