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24 October 2005

Monday Lyrics Blogging

This song is by my favourite band, Pedro the Lion. Frontman David Bazan (who also heads up another band called Headphones) is one of the most amazing lyricists writing songs today. Bazan is brutally honest, economical, cynical, sarcastic as hell and has a knack for writing really great single lines. This song hasn't actually been officially released. It was written for the album Control, but the song didn't make it onto the record. Instead, Bazan used the tune from Millionaire for another song that did make the album: Rapture (which you can download here).

Millionaire - Pedro the Lion

Working the casino floor
Scratching at the corner store
A camera crew at my front door
Every car crash survived
Every new song I write
Every sick relative
Each word of advice
The good doctor gives
Or fails to give

Tenderly they call my name
Singing this sweet refrain
A ray of hope
That kills the pain

Hold on, all is not lost
You still might win a million

When I was a little boy
Nothing filled my heart with joy
Like dreaming of the brand new toys
That I could afford to buy
If my mom and dad should die
Or if I won the lottery
But either way
The point is how statisfied I'd be

I know it's hard
But just remember
That rich men are always
Thinking of new ways
To cut you in

Hold on, all is not lost
You still might win a million

Just think how great your kids will be
When you win a million

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