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01 May 2005

This and That Part 2

More goodies:

• Recently I've discovered a new animation technique called machinima. The short version is that machinima is basically using "footage" from video games to create your own films. Perhaps the most famous people doing this are the folks at Rooster Teeth Productions. They produce Red vs. Blue, which uses material from Halo 2 to create its stories. But I'm far more excited by The Strangerhood, a satire/soap opera using characters from The Sims 2. It's good stuff, and it's entertainment not owned by a big corporation, so check it out.

• For more cool Web entertainment, visit nsknight's Sim's webpage. Nsknight makes Web comics using photo albums from The Sims. I haven't read them yet, but it's a pretty good idea.

• Tonight Family Guy finally returns to TV with new episodes. Family Guy is Seth MacFarlane's hilariously edgy cartoon that was cancelled, until it broke DVD sales records and went on to beat Leno and Letterman in ratings when Cartoon Network picked up the show's reruns. It's also (along with MacFarlane's American Dad) one of the few reasons why you should watch television. In celebration, here's a video archive with some bits too controversial for TV, as well as a few other goodies, like interviews, and MacFarlane's student animation film.

• My favorite songwriter is a guy named David Bazan. Bazan is the frontman for Pedro the Lion. Bazan is also in a new band called Headphones, alongside TW Walsh and Frank Lenz (Starflyer 59). Headphones' debut comes out on May 10 on Suicide Squeeze Records, but I received a review copy in the mail Friday. Headphones play lyric-driven music that travels through thematically dark territory. And it's a lot more musically interesting than Pedro the Lion, in that the sound is built entirely from drums and synthesizers. Yep, no guitars. This is some good stuff. Here's a sample lyric:

Natural Disaster
Here I thought the drinks were free
but all the time they were grooming me
to be the egg that laid the golden goose.
Now I know we disagree
but soon enough we'll all be free;
that is to worship any way I choose.
But you would wait on the rapture
or a natural disaster to come around.
Or maybe a couple of airplanes
could crash into buildings
and put the fear of God in you.
Cause now we're taking over
and no one is the wiser,
with mexican and negro cabinet advisors.
I cut down the cherry tree
and when my mother confronted me
I told her I could never tell a lie.
Cause I have integrity
if you had been there then you'd agree
that no one wants to hear the truth.
What do you want from me?
Can't you see that I'm a talking puppet?
And when someone pulls my strings
I mouth the words, and I suggest you follow suit.
But you would wait on the rapture
or a natural disaster to come around.
Well maybe a couple of airplanes
could crash into buildings
and put the fear of God in you.

Comments on "This and That Part 2"


Anonymous zalm said ... (5/02/2005 08:04:00 PM) : 

finally, finally, finally i got around to doing what you told me to do back in february. i've been streaming achilles heel and i sprung for the five pedro tracks you recommended.

and i have absolutely no idea why i wrote these guys off way back when. i don't even remember what it was that i listened to, but i wasn't impressed at the time.

i am now.

bazan's great. i'm officially hooked. thanks.

is headphones worth grabbing now or would i be better off immersing myself in pedro's back catalog first?


Blogger Wasp Jerky said ... (5/03/2005 11:13:00 PM) : 

Awesome. I'm so glad you liked the songs.

Hmmm. For my money, I'd catch up with PTL's back catalog first. Headphones is great stuff, but pound for pound I think the PTL albums are better. My favorites are Control and Winners Never Quit. Control is a very bleak concept album that explores both an adulterous marriage and the perils of capitalism. Winners Never Quit, also a concept record, is about the relationship between a "good" brother and a "bad" brother. I may blog about these in more detail sometime soon. If nothing else it will keep me from gushing right now.

BTW, you can stream the entire new Headphones disc here.


Anonymous Anthony G. said ... (6/03/2005 08:50:00 AM) : 

I was listening to Natural Disaster and got bored and typed in the lyrics on google. I got your website and it was interesting. And I do agree with kevin with the PTL cd's. I like progress the best. Control is also good too


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